Flower Excitement!

First crafty post! Oh, lucky you! Here is a project with endless uses, felt flowers!

I got my inspiration (stole some ideas) from a fellow crafter. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone (but do follow the links to the originals!). Felt is one of the best crafting materials ever. Easily cut, non-fraying, shapable, fantastic. I used cheap acrylic felt for these, because I wanted them to be washable. Wool felt, though, is far superior in work-ability. 

Felty Flowers

I made these for my little cousin’s birthday, who just turned two! Yes, it is all very exciting. These flowers are cut out of felt (freehand) with buttons for centers.

One of them I used as an applique for a felt pouch, which matched the outfits that we picked out. In the picture, the pouch is on top of a sundress we gave her.

Made for carrying various toys-- in style.

The pouch was very easy to make. It is a long piece of felt folded thrice (like an envelope), with a blanket stitch along the sides. Easy as pie, it took about 20 minutes. I plan on making a few for myself!

The rest of the flowers I made into hair clips (just sew small snap clips to them). They are amazing for fine hair, because the felt does not slide. These clips stay in like a dream. 

Apparently, I kept some for my own hair. They pretty much rock.

The hardest part was cutting out the flowers from the felt freehand. A die cutter would have been key to making this project super easy. I think craft stores generally sell bags of pre-cut felt flowers, but that’s no fun! 

Note: Apologies for the less-than-stellar pictures, taken with my cell phone. My digi-camera is currently on hiatus (i.e. packed in a box somewhere), picture quality will improve when I get my camera back.


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